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  • Catherine Waite

Need to Get Noticed? Almighty's Top Tips to Help Boost Your Brands Buzz on Instagram

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is quickly becoming the ideal platform for both big, and small brands to promote themselves. But, with so many people posting, it is increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by your ideal audience.

That's why we are sharing with you, our 6 tips to help boost your brands insta buzz.

#1: Let's get personal

More and more brands are beginning to merge both their professional and personal content. With people becoming more interested in seeing the faces behind the brand, it is important that you share snippets of this with your audience.

Why not let your followers know about the latest events you have been attending, show them some behind the scenes of your business or even share some photos of the team.

Skincare brand Sunday Riley are great at keeping their audience in the loop about their brand. Sharing fun photos of the team from one of their events gives them a great opportunity to tell their audience about where they are going to be next.

#2: Tell your story

Everyone has to start somewhere and what a great story for you to share with your followers. Whether you share your story about starting out in your own kitchen, or how one conversation led to you creating your brand or even how your product has developed into what it is today.

Sharing your story allows your audience to connect with you more on a personal level, letting them feel as though they are getting inside knowledge.

The Ouai love to post photos of their new products in production, getting their audience guessing and building anticipation about when they will get released.

#3: Be generous

When trying to promote your product or service on Instagram, it is important to take an 80/20 approach. This means 80% of your content should be 'free'. The other 20% can then be used to promote new products and direct sales. Don't worry, just because the content is not sales focussed, this is not to say that it wont generate sales for your brand.

Be generous with your knowledge. Use your knowledge and advice to provide your audience with valuable, informative content.

Beauty brand Glossier, share video tutorials to show their audience how to use their products. They provide the audience with knowledge without directly asking you to buy their product.

#4: Share your values

How you run your business is based on your values, so why not share them with your audience? By sharing your brand values on your feed you are giving your audience another reason to follow you, they can relate to you.

The Ouai supported March For Our Lives sharing some simple graphics about it on their feed, and their audience gave them a positive response to it sharing their stories about how they too were supporting the cause.

#5: Promote yourself

After all, this is why you are using Instagram as a brand, to gain customers. It is important that whilst not always posting promotional content, your audience needs to know that you are a business.

Having great photography will help your product to sell itself. This photo of Drunk Elephants range is a great example of how to get your product to stand out and catch the audiences attention to stop them from scrolling past.

#6: Be recognisable

On a platform with over 1 billion monthly users it is important that your audience can immediately recognise your content so they don't just scroll past it.

This is where great branding comes in. Your posts should be immediately identifiable as a part of your brand.

Need help creating awesome content for your Instagram? Almighty have developed a package deal to help you stand out. Download the pdf here!


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