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Hello. Welcome to Almighty.

Almighty is the new name for my branding studio in Chichester on the South Coast. Why the new brand? Well, I wanted to pour my years of design practise into a new offering that sums up what my team and I are all about.


Design is emotive. I think life would be dull without it. We're called Almighty because we're on a mission to build brands people believe in. For us, it's about adding something interesting to a sector and making it meaningful for customers and employees.


The team includes designer Catherine and strategist Emily, and we're lucky to work with some extra talented specialists too. Between us, we deliver everything from brand naming to visual identity design, photography, packaging, web design and content creation.

We’ve chosen to focus on beauty and lifestyle brands because they’re sectors where we can build brands with a little attitude. Which is what we’re good at. Have a look at some of our latest work here.


Over the years we’ve learnt what’s important. To work closely with clients, ask tough questions, and search high and low for ideas with infectious energy.

While we’re dedicated to making things look fabulous, we’re keen to use design to solve real business problems. And meticulous about making every element count, and every channel matter. Find out more about our approach here.

The result is something bigger than all of us, something unstoppable. Something awesome. The bigger the challenge, the more difference we can make.

So, here's to creating some truly Almighty brands.

Matt, Creative Director

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