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For Happy Naturals, kind, safe, and ecological ingredients have been at the heart of their brand since they launched back in 2015. And although their evidenced 97% natural formulations are impressive – and certainly a step in the right direction – with today’s ever more competitive market, that alone was no longer enough. They returned to us with a more ambitious sustainability strategy aimed at a new target market.

Gen Z,  otherwise known as the woke generation, are shaking up the future of beauty. Their growing concerns surrounding environmental and geopolitical issues are heavily influencing purchasing decisions. Demanding brands step up their game and align with these conscious values, or otherwise risk being left behind. 

Happy Natural’s name already speaks for itself, connoting positive associations with the brand's key focus and purpose. To further communicate this message and appeal to the brand's new, younger audience, we designed the addition of a smiley logo mark - a globally recognised symbol for good. Full of personality this emoji face was designed to work both in isolation, and in harmony with the brands wordmark. This icon balanced with chosen, timeless Gill Sans font, creates a fun, yet sophisticated, modern logo, setting the focus for the whole brand identity.

We brought this strategy to life, through a dreamy new colour palette that challenges traditional generic natural based brands. The bright pastel line up makes Happy Natural’s products fit for a ‘shelfie’ spotlight. Smile at the ready - Happy Naturals are ready for their close-up.

What we did:

Identity design / Packaging design

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